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Why Navy SEAL Fitness Training Programs are Effective

Why Navy SEAL Fitness Training Programs are Effective


180 Day Training System by SGPT Online 

By Brad McLeod Former Navy SEAL and Founder of SEAL Grinder PT and SGPT Online


Our philosophy. In order to be an effective functional athlete and effectively complete a Navy SEAL Training program, you need start at your bodies core. We strengthen the core with a 6 week strength cycle and target the following movements: Deadlift, Weighted Squats, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Ground to Overhead or Power Cleans and Shoulder to Overhead Presses.

All of these movements are directly influenced by the movements in 1st Phase. Log PT, Boat PT, Rucking, Push Ups, Pull Ups and intense Grinder PT. Everything revolves around strong core strength. It’s your foundation for success.


The 2nd training phase with SGPT Online’s Navy SEAL Training Programs is POWER! This is the engine that drives the frame. A Navy SEAL is operating in combat environments. They need to be able to press the on switch and explode in action. Fast, strong, agile, ready for anything. An IED disables a vehicle leaving a teammate pinned below 300 pounds of metal. The SEAL platoon has to be able to handle this situation. Or maybe it’s a 25 mile load movement that requires torque and a low gear.  Whatever the scenario is Power is a crucial element to the Navy SEAL Training Program.

Navy SEAL Fitness Training


Endurance - Navy SEAL Operations or Ops are long and demanding mentally and physically. A Navy SEAL Platoon could be rucking for 10+ hours in 105 degree heat and initiate contact with an enemy at any moment. Not only does the team need strength and power, they need to have it on demand even when their bodies are exhausted. It’s not uncommon for a SEAL Platoon to return from one Op and get called out within hours of completion.


Mental Toughness - The Navy SEAL Mindset - Because the selection process to become a Navy SEAL and earn a Trident is so hard. A class of 175 - 200 candidates will usually graduate only 25 - 35. SEALs are said to be some of the most mentally tough warriors and athletes on the planet. Some argue these men are born with this natural grit. Others say that it can be taught. We stand in the camp that anyone can learn to be as mentally tough as a Navy SEAL. You just have to do the work! That’s why we create mentally challenging workouts that put you in the pain cave. There is NO easy day in when you are training like a SEAL or using a program developed by Navy SEALs.

Navy SEAL Mental Toughness Training


We combine High Intensity Interval Training - proven by hundreds of studies to be an effective form of exercise with endurance, powerlifting, strength training and austere load movements or industrial fitness. We focus on mobility, stretching and whole body wellness. All of these aspects of the Navy SEAL Fitness Training Program make it a proven method of improving: strength, endurance, functional movement and general health. It is also proven to make you an asset to your team in a time of need.

Who can benefit from our programs? We set out to create the ideal 6 month or 180 day work up program for SEAL Candidates. Allowing the candidate to train for the PST while building up their functional fitness to peak levels. This program is also ideal for: First Responders, Firemen, Police / SWAT, EMT Paramedics, all Special Forces Candidates including: Rangers, Green Berets, MARSOC, PJ Rescue, Coast Guard, Rescue Swimmers and More. 

SGPT Online Navy SEAL Fitness and Training is also ideal for: GORUCK, SEALFIT, Hell Week, Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, Obstacle Course Racers, OCR. Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, MMA, Mix Martial Arts and Combatives Training. 


Endurance Training Navy SEAL Fitness Power Lifting


 Check out our complete line of Mental and Physical Training Programs at: 

Navy SEAL training programs are proven to be some of the most effective workouts on the planet for functional athletes. The training is a combination of Military Physical Training or PT, Strength Training, Powerlifting, Austere Load Movement Drills and Cardiovascular Endurance Training.

Navy SEAL Log PT Fitness Training

The process to become a Navy SEAL requires 4 stages of training.

1st stage is the qualification to earn a contract with the Navy. To achieve this each candidate must score in the optimal range on their Physical Standards Test or PST. The Navy test’s Push Ups, Curl Ups, Chin Ups or Pull Ups, Running 1.5 miles and a 500 yard swim in a 25 meter pool.

The 2nd stage is Basic Training in Great Lakes Illinois. Standard for all Navy candidates.

The 3rd Stage is called Basic Underwater Demolition School or BUD/S. Our Navy SEAL Training Programs such as the 180 Day Program are derived from the training a candidate goes through during the intense selection process of 1st Phase and Hell Week.

The 4th Stage is where the candidate learns actual Navy SEAL Tactical Skills.

Core Strength Navy SEAL Fitness Training

Tools For Training:

PT Area - an area you can perform bodyweight movements

Barbell with Weights - 45 Pound Olympic Barbell with a set of 45, 25, 10 and 5 pound plates or bumpers.

Plyo Box - A box to do step ups, box jumps, and other key training movements.

Sandbag - Assorted weights. This is a crucial tool in Navy SEAL Fitness and Training.

Pull Up Bar

Access to Running and Rucking Trails, Pool, Rower or other cardio machines in a gym.


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