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Coach, you have so many programs where do I start?

Got a great question the other day from a new to SGPT Athlete about where to start with our training. 
Here's a general guide for those just starting out or getting back into the fight.
If you are just getting off the couch, new to training, or need to getting back into the fight. SGPT's LTS Onramp program is your go to plan. Click HERE
This is for athletes with 0 - 4 Pull Ups in most cases. Or 0 - 15 Push Ups. 
If you are hitting 5 Pull Ups and 20 Pushups we suggest you get into SGPT 365 as this is a progressive On Ramp program. Beginners can do this too but you may find better results with SGPT LTS. 
Click HERE for SGPT 365 
SGPT 365 is a great all around program for athletes who can smash 15 Pull Ups and 50 - 75 Push Ups unbroken. It's a very versatile training system.
Advanced Athletes. Our Operator Training System is your next step. It's a a warm up to the high volume of our Tier 1 Training. 
OTS HERE ($29.99 SALE!)
Tier 1 HERE (Tier 1 V1 and V2 for $49.99 SALE!)
Bundle Pack:

Crawl Walk Run Combo with LTS - TIER 1 HERE $149.99
You repeat offenders know our system pretty well and just pick whatever you want. 
Lastly we have supplemental ad ons like our running, bulking, cutting, swimming, strength training etc. Those can all be bolted on to any core program and build up a weakness or help you max out a goal.
As always. Email us at for a quick assessment and goal analysis. We usually can reply in 24 hours or less and get you matched up with the perfect program.