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Here's our most frequently asked questions answered.

First READ the introduction of the program carefully. Don't just skip to the workouts. You will be confused. 


Second:  Week 1 is a TEST WEEK! Each day you are are completing a 3 Rep Max for the movement. This is crucial to tracking your results and setting up the following weeks programing. You will be lifting based on your 3 RM. Each week the program will progress with more weight as a percentage of your 3 Rep Max. 

Finding your 3 Rep Max (follow this but use 3 reps vs 1 rep)


Yes! Week 1 is not a lot of work. If you are an advanced athlete you can combine movements if you would like but that may have an impact on your 3 RM Score.


You can easily google or youtube search every movement on the program. It takes seconds to do this. 


Ground to Overhead is a very basic movement where you move the weight from the ground to over your head. Just like a log or a boat at BUD/s 


If you are really stuck, feel free to email: with questions.