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There is no Shortcut to Training for BUD/s or SOF Selection - SGPT Training Tip

This question or more of a misconception about training for BUD/s or to become a Navy SEAL has popped up a bunch in the past few weeks. 
"Coach, I only need to train until I get into BUD/s, Whats your fastest training plan to do this? 
Where to start on this one... A Navy SEAL is ultimately pro level athlete in the military. Training isn't just to "Get into BUD/s" if you have that mindset, you will never make it. When you commit to the path of becoming a Navy SEAL, it's no different than committing to becoming a Triathlete, Marathon Runner, Endurance Racer. You are committing to a lifestyle where training is everyday. For the rest of your career. You don't just train to get ready for BUD/s... And by chance you beat the odds and actually earn your Trident, you train EVEN MORE! Navy SEALs who are active now are working out 2 - 4 hours a day. It's part of their job. Be ready lead, ready to follow and NEVER QUIT!
This is why we have our progressive system. Very very few athletes are physically fit as a Navy SEAL. Without BUD/s, you can't be. No training on the planet simulates the process. What you can do is train in a Crawl, Walk and Run Progressive On Ramp Program. Just like they do in every training program the SEALs do. Fundamentals. Practiced over and over again... 
SGPT's Path would mean a beginner would start with the LTS On Ramp, Progress to SGPT 365, next move onto OTS and finally Tier 1 Training. 
This is why we make it so every day is a new workout... Repeating the same programing for your career would be so mind numbing. 
So to wrap this up. If you think there's a quick fix 6, 8 or 12 week program that will magically get you in BUD/s Shape? You will never succeed. That's like thinking you can train for an IronMan in 8 weeks and finish with 10 hour time... Not going to happen... Unless you are a genetic mutant. They do exist.

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