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How to Set Up your Ruck Sack for SGPT Online Training - Navy SEAL Functional Fitness

SGPT Online training incorporates 3+ hours of ruck march training each week. To effectively complete this training portion, you need to set yourself up for success with a proper ruck and weight system. 



SGPT Online HQ goes over our preferred method to setting up a ruck sack with this video. 

A ruck or ruck march is a weighted hike. The purpose of our training is to prepare your body to function under load so when you get to basic training or your selection process, your body is ready to perform at optimal levels. 

We use a sandbag vs other weights for this demonstration. A Navy SEAL full kit could weigh as much as 80 pounds. We train at 10% of your body weight or 20 - 25 pounds. Advanced athletes can go closer to 50 pounds when training.

We do not suggest you run under this load unless you absolutely have to run. Running with weight adds unneeded stress to your joints. 

When rucking it is crucial that your train on soft sand, uneven terrain, hills both up and down. Not training in varied conditions can lead to issues when you get to your selection. Most athletes neglect the down portion of training. Make sure you train descents as well as accents.  


About SEAL Grinder PT SEAL Grinder PT was founded in 2010 by Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod. Starting out as a CrossFit Gym in Atlanta, Brad soon evolved his business to online training programs. In 2011 he self published FreakFrogman Workouts a 80 page eBook that was written for his son who wanted to become a Navy SEAL. Brad put everything he knew about training and mental toughness into this book. Now Brad lives with his wife and 2 children in Florida and runs SGPT full time. His primary focus is training others and raising funds for worthy charitable organizations. 

Ruck Hiking Tips to Help You Carry More Faster

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