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Jocko Willink Discusses CrossFit Workouts for Training

Jocko Willink, Retired Navy SEAL and founder of Echelon Front Media knows a thing or two about training like a Navy SEAL... 20 Years of Service in the Navy.

Recently he was asked his thoughts on CrossFit and how good of a training system it is.

We pretty much agree with Jocko on this one. Having owned and coached CrossFit for over 10 years.

CrossFit isn't new, it's repackaged and improved training. It does overcomplicate some things with Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting. But it did get people to buy bumper plates and proper squat racks. All good things.

SGPT Online training ditched the complicated movements, and doesn't use "scientific" terms to explain simple concepts.

SGPT 365 is a complete year of pre programmed training. And like Jocko says, some things are repeated because 100% random training isn't ideal for everyone. Especially those who like strength cycles. 

To learn more about SGPT Online Training and see some sample workouts. Click HERE! 

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