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Why the Deadlift is so important for BUD/S Candidates and SOF Prep

What's the most important exercise that every BUD/s Candidate or Functional Athlete should master? It's not what you think. It's not the Push Up or Pull Up Either. But it helps both those movements...

The Deadlift is probably the single most important movement that a BUD/S candidate or any functional/tactical athlete should master and train.

Why? Being an asset to your team means you have a strong core. And it means you can pick up heavy objects with correct form and not get injured. 

Check out this video on proper Deadlift Form:


When learning how to perform the Deadlift, it's best to have a coach so you can get immediate feedback.

Start out with a light weight bar or PVC pipe. Under 10 pounds.

Foot placement is super important. If you start out standing incorrectly the whole movement will be wrong.

Most of all, don't overcomplicate this movement and don't try to lift too much weight.

Here's a sample Deadlift Routine for beginners Assuming your 1 Rep Max is 300#'s.

Click HERE to learn how to find your 1 Rep Max.

Warm Up: With PVC Or Light Barbell. 3 sets of 15 reps.

Move to your Barbell 45# Olympic Bar.

Do 10- 15 reps with just the bar.

Start adding weight from here.

95# with 10 Reps

135# with 5 Reps

185# with 3 Reps

235# with 2 Reps

285# with 2 Reps DONE!

Never Break FORM!

Both SGPT 180 and SGPT 365 have strength cycles with the deadlift using a barbell and functional objects. Click HERE and learn more!

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