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How to Train for the cold temps at BUD/S First Phase and Hell Week - Navy SEAL Training

This time of year the water temperature in the Pacific Ocean off of Coronado drops by 5 - 8 degrees. The temperature in the summer can get as warm as 74 degrees on average. Winter it's usually in the high 50's. The air temperature also drops. San Diego is a desert, the nights can get down to the low 50's. 
So how do you train your body for the cold winter waters of San Diego? One theory is to take a cold shower every morning. While science has shown this has some health benefits, it may not be the best strategy. Why? Because it's not the water that makes you cold. It's the air temps and side shore winds that get you at BUD/S and Hell Week.
Try this instead on a cool windy morning or evening, put on a cold wet T-Shirt and stand with your arms overhead for 10 - 15 minutes... Then stand there for another 4 hours. See how cold you get. A cotton shirt with BDU pants soaking wet clinging to your body will drop your core temperature down quickly. There's no escaping it. Until the next meal.  (don't actually try this at home...)
From a training standpoint, the best thing you can do is focus on your fitness and nutrition. The being cold part is going to suck no matter what. Focus on what you can prepare for. Running and rucking in soft sand, PT and endurance. Don't stress about the parts you can't control.  

Coach Brad. 

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