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What is the Ideal Body Type for a Navy SEAL Candidate in BUD/S?

Got this question: Coach, what's the ideal body type for BUD/S?

Answer: Ha! Good one. This is HIGHLY subjective ... I can give you my opinion on this, so take it for what it is worth.

The ideal body type or build for BUD/s is a one that doesn't know how to quit!


Now if i had to pick one, I would say: 5'7 - 6' range is good. Weight 165 - 185 Pounds. Not super lean. You want some insulation, especially if you are going through a winter class. As my good friend Navy SEAL Shane Hiatt always says: "Skinny is pretty but it sure ain't functional".

At BUD/S the tall guys and the smaller guys tend to suffer a bit more. I was a small guy... Average height guys get more even distribution of weight on logs and boats.

One thing that is interesting is that really big guys with a lot of muscle, really are just lugging around more weight. Large biceps and shoulders can limit mobility and that actually can be an issue.

If you can't extend your arms and lock them out, you have to use muscles and they fail faster. And if they don't have much body fat, they freeze just like the skinny guys do.



This is why we stress functional fitness. If you want to look all ripped like a bodybuilder, save that for AFTER you get your trident....

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Coach Brad McLeod

Photo: McTeams3842 on Instagram

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