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Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Lessons from my 2nd Hell Week

Having gone through Hell Week, the Navy SEAL selection process 2 times makes me an expert on this subject... At least in my own humble opinion. HA! Seriously though, it is possible to become comfortable in the worst environments.

The second time I went through Hell Week, I was mentally ready. I trained the right way before classing up and I knew exactly what to expect for the most part. This gave me confidence. I had completed it once already. I was comfortable in the situation.

Now I do not recommend anyone else go through 2 times. Get it right the first time! This is they very reason I created my training programs! Do NOT make the mistakes I did. Learn from them.

I'm not saying that Hell Week was easier the 2nd time. It's almost worse when you know whats coming. The surprise at least makes it a bit more fun. But what I had was confidence. Confidence I was properly trained and confidence I was going to finish again and make through 2nd phase.

So how do you do this on your own? First, you get strong, you build up your body, core to extremity. Ideal plan for this is either our SGPT 180 Day or 365 Day plan. Check out RASP Prep as well for you Army SOF candidates.

Second is you get yourself into uncomfortable situations while training. Got beach nearby or a sandpit? Do a workout with wet gear and covered in sand. Train near a cold body of water? HIT THE SURF! Can't find a lake or ocean? Make an ice bath. Of course always train smart and don't do anything stupid without a swim buddy to save your ass.

Moral of the story is, if you are willing to put in the time to train, you take the extra effort to and get yourself truly out of a comfort zone. You will get amazing results!


SGPT Online training is designed to get you closer to your goals. Mental and physical training that gets results. Be the key ingredient that makes it possible.

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About Brad McLeod: Founder of SEAL Grinder PT and SGPT Online. Brad McLeod Former Navy SEAL and Author of the Best Selling Freak Frogman Handbook. Brad has certifications in HIIT, CrossFit, Strength Training and has been coaching athletes and SEAL Candidates for over 10 years. SEAL Grinder PT was founded in Atlanta Georgia in 2008 and started out as a CrossFit Gym. Now it's a leading website for all things Navy SEAL related. It can be found at.

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