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It Could Always Be Worse - Navy SEAL Motivation

At BUD/s 1st Phase AKA the beatdown phase of the Navy SEAL selection process, there's a saying the instructors remind the candidates: It could always be worse...

It's a great saying to keep in your pocket when you are stuck doing some job or task that really sucks. First, embrace the suck, second, remind yourself it could always be worse.

In the middle of the suck fest, remind yourself it's not all that bad. Example, you are struggling through a hot long ruck at the bottom of a big hill. What are the positives here? Well, you are breathing, that's a start, next, you are outside getting in awesome exercise, you could be stuck in an office cube or worse traffic. You have mentally changed your perspective with a quick reminder. It could always be worse.

Try this trick the next time you are training, and if that doesn't work, go to YouTube and find some videos on Paralympic Athletes. Athletes who actually have it worse off in some sense than most people. Maybe they were born blind but love to run. I'm sure they have bad days too, but they have found a way to overcome and push through even more setbacks. You can do the same.

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One last thing, a bad day of training is still better than a good day at work!


Coach Brad

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