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How can I prepare mentally for BUD/S?

Question How can I prepare mentally for BUD/S, the Navy SEAL Selection Training Process in Coronado California
Answer: The best way to mentally prepare is to get in the best physical shape you possibly can and set yourself up for success.
Be physically ready is what will give you confidence. Example. There's a 4 mile run that is repeated with a time hack. If you can crush the 35 minute time hack with ease, it's not an issue, you will be in the front of the pack. But if you go in and you are barely making that time hack... you will be in a world of hurt.
When you aren't confident in yourself, you start to doubt yourself. When this happens, your brain will talk you out of doing something.
It's like jumping off a 30 foot cliff for the first time into water. The moment you doubt yourself.... it's over. Now if you have jumped off 10 foot, 20 foot and 25 foot cliffs before, the 30 footer is easy. You just go through the motions.
You also hear a lot of talk about affirmations and "positive self talk" out there. You can't "affirm" yourself through challenging situations. You actually have to be physically able to achieve the goal. If you can only do 30 push ups, no amount of "positive self talk" is going to get you to 80 when you take your PST. So don't fall victim to snake oil salespeople selling you mental toughness through mind over matter. Your brain is strong but only as strong as the body it powers.
The secret is, you have to do the work! You have to train hard. You have to test yourself and be accountable. If you can score optimum on a PST before you go, the odds of you scoring optimum at the test are extremely high. It would take a monumental failure to throw you off your game!
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