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What is Self Talk and how does it impact training?

Got this question: What is Self Talk and how does it impact training?

Answer: Self talk is a psychological term used to describe your internal voice. You know, that crazy voice in your head?

Those of us who have experienced solo endurance events know about this voice. Hopefully the experience was a positive one and not one where the voice started to make excuses or coming up with "exit strategies".

How can self talk come into play when training? You learn to control it and you use it to drive you harder. Push out the excuses and fight through that wall you hit.

Those of us who do long endurance races know, at some point, you will hit a wall or a place where you "bonk". This is where you want to quit. This is also where you have to push through and fight on! Refuel with an energy shot and get after it!!

Disclaimer: Endurance events, are not life and death, and you need to be in tune with your body and be able to identify what is a real safety issue and what is just your brain playing tricks. If you have doubts about your health, go get a medical screening before you participate in any extreme endurance challenges. Specifically for cardiovascular issues or athletes heart. Set yourself up for success!

Photo: Former Navy SEAL David Goggins Badwater Endurance Race

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