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30 Day BrainFrog

30 Day BrainFrog

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Welcome to SEAL Grinder PT’s 30 Day Mental Training Program. This training will hone your skills and allow you to focus and not be distracted. Drill down on the task, overcome and become a sheepdog in a world of sheep. We want to give you the mental edge. As a bonus we have added a daily dose of motivation and an energizing 30 day workout program with rucking, running, sandbag drills and grinder PT.

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This training method is simple, it’s not complex and it’s easily completed… You just need to commit to the training and not walk away.

Whats Included:

  • Daily Mental Training Workouts
  • Daily Inspirational Messages and Quotes
  • You will be trained on setting up a daily routine. 
  • A sleep training program.
  • Also included as a bonus is a daily SGPT Physical Workout. 

Combine this program with our 90 Day Fueling or 8 Week Tactical Shred for peak results! 

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