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SGPT BrainFrog Mental Edge



Welcome to SEAL Grinder PT's BrainFrog Mental Training Program




It's often said that completing BUD/s and Hell Week is 90% mental 10% physical. But what does that mean? The selection process to become a Navy SEAL is designed to weed out those who are mentally weak and will crack under pressure. The training is designed to simulate the worst case scenario a potential SEAL will face. The instructors are trained to watch the candidates and see how they will react in these physically and mentally grueling scenarios.  

SEAL Grinder PT has taken this training and created excellent physical training programs. But now... for the first time. We have created a mental training program that will change how you live your life and see the world. 

Whats Included:

  • Daily Mental Training Workouts
  • Daily Inspirational Messages and Quotes
  • You will be trained on setting up a daily routine. 
  • A sleep training program.
  • Also included as a bonus is a daily SGPT Physical Workout. 

The idea behind BrainFrog is to make your more situationally aware of the world you live in. We want to help you to train your brain, improve memory, improve cognitive thinking and data processing. 

How it works: SEAL Grinder PT has created a daily mental training program that will:

  • Organize Your Daily Routine. 
  • Create Positive Daily Habits.
  • Develop and Improve Problem Solving
  • Improve Short and Long Term Memory
  • Improve your Sleeping Habits. 
  • and more!

Navy SEALs know more than anyone that practice of the fundamentals is their key to success. Every deployment takes pain staking training and teamwork drills. We have drawn on these practices and created a course that will give you the mental edge.


How hard is the training?

Very easy and can be completed in as little as 1 hour a day.

What equipment is needed?

You most likely have all the tools needed to complete this course. 

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to improve their mental game. 

Navy SEALs look at the world differently, whether it's surveying a store for threats before they enter a store or sitting facing the door of a restaurant when they eat. They know all exits of a building when they enter, remember small details that most overlook. You too will train your brain to operate and function at this high level.  


For a limited time we are offering this as a 30 Day Training program for $39.97. You will get: 30 BrainFrog Workouts, 30 FreakFrog Grinder PT Workouts, a Daily Dose of Inspiration, A 30 Day GamePlan to complete the training. Morning and Evening Ritual Development and MORE!


ORDER TODAY: $39.97!


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