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The Operator Training System (OTS) - 45 Day Program

The Operator Training System (OTS) - 45 Day Program

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Welcome to a New Era of Tactical Fitness!


This is the most intense program combination we have ever created!

45 Days of Strength, Power, Endurance and Mental Toughness combined into a 3 day on 1 day rest, 2 day on 1 day rest battle rhythm.

Each day you will get a complete strength cycle, endurance cycle, and intense high intensity cardio cycle. 

Each workout has a warm up and cool down protocol. Complete with mobility, foam rolling and mindset training. 

Start your workout with a complete warm up system (many will consider this to be a complete workout). 

Then we add in our strength program for the day. 

Next, a mind numbing endurance phase. Forge Mental Toughness!

Finally a High Intensity blaster workout that will make you an asset to any team. Fight to WIN!

Finish it all of with a complete cool down and stretch. HOOYAH

Each workout should take under an hour, equipment is the same as all our other groundbreaking programs: Pull Up Bar, PT Area, Box Jump, Barbell or Heavy Sandbag, Dumbbells, Rucksack and a place to run and ruck. 

  • Who is the program for: Anyone looking for an intense 45 day training cycle

  • Can anyone do this? Yes, you can scale everything to your level. 

  • How long do the workouts take: You can do most in under an hour, the rucks and the endurance runs make take longer. 

  • Can I row, swim or bike? YES! you can sub in low impact cardio and train indoors.