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Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod's Mental and Physical Training System - 150 Day

Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod's Mental and Physical Training System - 150 Day

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Welcome to a new Era in Mental and Physical Training!

This is a complete training system for any level athlete. 

The Navy SEAL MPTS Covers 3 Phases of Training:

  • 1st Phase: Daily Routine, Mindset Training and On Ramp Fitness for any level.
  • 2nd Phase: Goal Setting, Performance Breathing Drills, 30 Day Progressive Fitness Cycle!
  • 3rd Phase: An intense hard hitting 90 day Strength and Conditioning Cycle. Be HARD TO KILL!

With Bonus! 10 Step Mental Toughness guide and Nutrition and Fueling Guide FREE!

This is the ultimate DIY Guide to training your mind and body.

Learn More HERE!

What if over 150 Days you could train your mind and body in a way that allowed you to take control of nearly any situation? Gain the edge at work, on the field, in sports and in LIFE!

A Navy SEAL spends nearly every day of their career focusing on getting 1% better than the day before. Now you can learn the simple steps necessary to be able to accomplish nearly any task.

We break this down into a very simple process.

3 complete phases of training.

Our easy to follow handbook will reorganize your life.

You will have more personal time, eliminate stress and anxiety. Improve sleep and MORE!

Most importantly you will discover your "WHY" or your reason...

What is your... “WHY”?

Here's what we cover:

Phase 1: Daily Routine and Mindset Training

Phase 2: Breathing and Mental Toughness

Phase 3: Intensive Strength and Conditioning

 Be an ASSET be Hard to KILL!!!


Please note that the nutrition guide is NOT an instant download, once you purchase we will send your program within 24 hours or less. 

THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: All materials are digital and sent to you INSTANTLY in PDF format. You will not receive a physical book. Download on any computer, tablet, or phone. Instant download means you can START TODAY!

• Once your payment has processed, you will be directed to a link to download your purchase. 
• You will also receive an invoice and download link to the email address used to purchase.

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