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SGPT's 6 Week Summertime Strength Cycle

SGPT's 6 Week Summertime Strength Cycle

$24.95 $49.97

Welcome to SGPT’s 6 Week Summertime Strength Cycle!

It’s summer, time to get out the heavy weight and do some WORK!!


Limited offer: $24.95

How this program works:  We pre programmed your warm up and cool down routine. Plug that into each day, you can add to it or scale it back as needed.

We have 2 Options! Barbell or Sandbag. Take your pick! Finish the first six weeks and want more. Go back and complete the sandbag portion. BOOM! 12 week strength cycle package to get you through the whole summer.


1: Ground to Overhead. Just as it sounds, this is taking the weight from the ground and moving it to the overhead position. Clean and Jerk or Snatch can be used here.

2: Back Squat. Get under that bar and DO WORK!

3: Dumbbell Bench!! OH YEAH! Suns out Guns OUT! Get your tank top on and press some weight.

4: Ring Rows: Balance out your chest with some good old fashioned ring rows.

5: Pull Ups: Yup, focusing on the old fashioned Pull Ups! Get some.