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SGPT 6 Week Endurance Program

SGPT 6 Week Endurance Program


Welcome to SGPT Online 6 Week Endurance Training Program!

This is 30 hardcore, pre-programmed workouts inspired by the Navy SEAL Selection process BUD/S First Phase. 

This is the ULTIMATE functional training program. 

You think you are "hard to kill" "an asset to your team"? 

Many will sign up, only a few will complete this challenge.

We have programmed some of the most INTENSE workouts to DATE. You will be pushed to the limit 5 days a week. 


Battle Rhythm: 2 Rest Days a Week. 5 Intense Training Programs. Rucking, Running, Swimming, PT, Sandbag Drills and MORE.

Survival of the fittest is the name of the game here. 

Are you ready for the challenge?



SGPT's 6 week ETP or "Endurance Training Program" is designed to break you. Over 30 pre programmed workouts that will push you to the quitting point. Will you push on? Or will you throw in the towel, ring the bell and QUIT?

Limited Offer. Absolutely NO refunds. All sales are final. Do not buy this program if you are not ready for an intense workout. Train smart.