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Running HEAVY! by Coach Jeff Grant

Running HEAVY! by Coach Jeff Grant

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Running Heavy provides you with motivation, inspiration and knowledge to make a huge impact on your running and overall fitness. This is a world class crawl, walk, run program that utilizes Navy SEAL mindset training and professional athlete level coaching. 

Running Heavy offers a powerful 360-degree approach to support two groups of runners – those carrying:

1) Extra Bodyweight: overweight, heavy, big-boned, more bodyfat than you want, need to pass a running test while heavy, worried about your knees. If you feel heavy when you run, you’re covered here.

2) Extra Weight carried, pulled or pushed: athletes who want to build speed, power, durability, and endurance from running with weight vests, prowlers, sleds, tires, buddies and other loads. If your job, sport or training passion involves moving heavy loads quickly with your body, you’re covered here.

Learn how to run heavy without getting hurt

Coach Grant takes you through an in-depth course on injury prevention, safe technique, realistic and effective progressions and more. You’ll learn the 11 rules of heavy running, why each rule matters, and how to use these rules to run in a way to reach your goals without trashing your body. His program even dives into the mind training topic of mental weight, emotional baggage, body image, ego and other factors that weigh many people down.

Whether you are running while overweight or throwing on a weight vest / PPE and dragging a sled, the fundamentals are the same across both groups. The safety considerations, injury prevention, supplemental strength and flexibility work are the same. The progressions and mind game tactics are all the same. You may even find yourself in both groups at one or more points in your life. There is no program like this that approaches weighted running holistically, from equipment to progressions, from mind to body, from knowledge to full training plans. You’ll never view running heavy the same after completing the Running Heavy program.

Training Plans, Workout Libraries and Mind Hacks

This program includes two separate 8-week training programs, a library of workouts for weight vests, sleds and other loads, and a toolbox full of mind training tools. For those interested in exercise science, Running Heavy draws from the key studies in this relatively young field of study. The programming is based on science as well as Coach Grant’s 25+ years of experience finishing and coaching runners to finish some of the most extreme races on the planet.

About the Coach

Coach Jeff Grant has trained Navy SEALs, Professional Athletes, Law Enforcement Officers, Celebrities and MORE! Jeff trains in the Swiss Alps where he lives and coaches Tier 1 Clients and leads adventure travel expeditions around the globe. 

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