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Running Heavy! and Ultra Running Combo Pack by Coach Jeff Grant

Running Heavy! and Ultra Running Combo Pack by Coach Jeff Grant

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Limited Holiday offer from SGPT Online and Coach Jeff Grant!

Running Heavy and Ultra Running 

Save 50% when you combo up on these two field manuals and training plans.


$35.00 Combo Pack! Buy now and SAVE!

Coach Jeff Grant has trained Navy SEALs, Professional Athletes, Celebrities and MORE! Jeff trains in the Swiss Alps where he lives and coaches Tier 1 Clients and leads adventure travel expeditions around the globe. 



Introduction to Running Heavy:

This training program is designed to support two groups of runners: those carrying external weight and those carrying extra internal weight. The fundamentals are the same across both groups. The safety considerations, injury prevention, supplemental strength and flexibility work are the same. The progressions and mind game tactics are all the same. You may even find yourself in both groups at one or more points in your life.


Ultra Running: The Ultimate Guide to going past the 26.2 Mile Barrier!

What is an ultramarathon? Technically speaking, it is any distance of a running race over 26.2 miles / 42KM, the length of a marathon. So, once an event is over the marathon distance, it is within the
ultramarathon category.

Coach Jeff Grant breaks down these two challenging barriers with these ground breaking training manuals complete with training plans. 

You will easily understand the concepts and begin to apply them in days. 

This is a crawl, walk run strategy that utilizes Navy SEAL mindset training and professional athlete level coaching. 

If you are ready to take the next steps in upping your running game ORDER NOW!


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