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Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks By Jeff Grant for SEALGrinderPT

Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks By Jeff Grant for SEALGrinderPT


Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks By Jeff Grant for SEALGrinderPT


8-Week Run Faster Program

SEAL Grinder PT’s 8-Week Speed Transformation

Developed by SGPT Running & Mind Training Coach Jeff Grant. 

If you are serious about getting faster and upping your running game, this program is for you. 

With experience coaching military personnel in 7 countries, endurance athletes, and sports teams, Coach Jeff knows how to build speed.

This program targets military athletes training for SOF selection, endurance athletes racing all distances, OCR, and CrossFit athletes. 


What you get:

  • 77-page downloadable program
  • 8 weeks of programmed training
  • Instruction on performing the 7 Mind Hacks
  • Running Technique Instruction and Drills
  • Inspirational racing stories and motivation from Coach Jeff


Goals: 1) Make you a faster runner in 8 weeks. 2) Teach you the mental tools you need to deliver a peak performance. 3) Give you a method you can use to continue to build speed and mental toughness after the program.

Powerful integration of Mind Training, Technique and Running Workouts


Learn how to:

  • Rip away what’s holding your speed back
  • Push through the pain of high intensity efforts
  • Stop losing energy via inefficient form
  • Train smart & make your body adapt for speed
  • Deliver a Peak Performance when under pressure

 Coach Jeff trains you like your life depends on it. Follow this program and you will get faster.


Mind Training

Learn 7 key Mind Hacks to break through the pain wall

Learn how to use Visualization Practices like an Olympic Athlete

Mind Training practices are baked in to the 8 Week plan


Running Technique

Lessons and Drills on Body Position, Foot Strike, Cadence, and Muscular Tensions

Drill work integrated in the 8 Week plan

Improve your performance on soft sand, with weight, and in OCR racing 

Train & Perform


Benchmarks to measure your improvements.


Be STRONG and READY on testing / race day. Prevent the typical issues that steal peak performances. 


Sample from Program Intro:


I take your preparation and your goal extremely seriously. We succeed together or we fail together, but we're only going to start down this path hell-bent on success. If you follow my guidance, you will get faster. Will it hurt? Yes, sometimes. But it's this time in the Pain Dojo that will force your mind and body to adapt and grow. You get stronger through the hard times, not through the easy times. Will you have to be disciplined? Yes. Wanting to be faster isn't enough. Running intervals a few times a week and hoping it will work when you are tested—that isn't enough. If you are ready to step up, let’s do this.

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