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45 Day CSS (Combat Side Stroke) Intensive

45 Day CSS (Combat Side Stroke) Intensive


SGPT Online is pleased to announce our 45 Day Combat Side Stroke Training Plan. Ideal BUD/S Prep and PST Prep Training. 

This is 45 days of intensive pool and dry land training. Developed by Former SOF and Civilian Swim Instructors.

You will need access to a pool. Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Goggles and Fins.

You will be focusing on strength and conditioning and your PST/PRT 500Yard CSS times. 

The goal of this program is to reduce your time by 2 minutes or more.

This is not a how to course, this is a DIY training system.

You must have access to a 25 or 50m pool to complete this training. Training is both in the water and on dry land. 

We focus on speed, power, breathing, turns and underwater swimming.

This program is a digital PDF Download. 


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