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Tim Kennedy - Sheepdog Response

Welcome to Tim Kennedy's Sheepdog Response Tactical Training Programs

Tim Kennedy Pistol Basics

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“I believe in the fundamentals of marksmanship. I believe if you do the basics well that carries over into every capacity of shooting. If you are moving, in a vehicle, shooting from a barricade, or in a gunfight protecting your family, executing the basics is what will decide success or failure.

This is a basic pistol class. We are not moving into any advance marksmanship drills. This is the 1st portion of what I believe are fundamental drills that every single shooter should master.”

-Tim Kennedy

***This training is online streaming only. There are no DVD’s or downloads. To access, simply log into our website and hover over “virtual training”,  and if on a mobile device,  click it.


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Survival Bugout 

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Disaster can strike anytime, whether it be financial collapse, pandemics, loss of the electric grid, or the many other scenarios that could cause a complete societal collapse.

Would you stay in town with millions of desperate and starving people or would you get the hell out of dodge?

What you’ll learn in this film

  • Secrets of the bugout bag
  • What gear to pack and what to leave
  • How to minimize visibility on the way

From the mind of best-selling author and professional retreat consultant Jonathan Hollerman.


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