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Tier 1 Development Program - NSWDG - CAG - Training Program - FAQ and Sample Training

Sample workout for SGPT Online's 

Tier 1 Development Program - NSWDG - CAG - Training Program 

Day 9:

Warm Up: Bike or Row for 15 Minutes 60% Full Pace, Then: 3 Rounds 10 Pull Ups, 20 Push Ups, 30 Sit Ups, 40 Leg Levers

Stretching and Mobility: Perform a complete stretching routine of your choice. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP

Strength:  5 Sets of 5 Reps: 60% of 1 Rep Max Dead Lift. Use 1 RM Calculator from 3 Rep Max Score. 2 - 3 Minutes of Recovery Between Sets. No Rush Here.  

Ruck: 30 Minute Ruck with 25% of your Bodyweight. 

High Intensity: 

Run 1.5 miles

150x burpee

Run 1.5 miles

Mindset Training: 100 Alternating Lunges Holding 20# Plate or Object in Front Rack Position

Cool Down: Perform a complete stretching routine of your choice. Foam Roll. Hydrate and Fuel your Body DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP



Equipment List: 


You will need access to a full range of Functional Training Gear for this program.

Pull Up Bar

Ruck Pack + Weight or Weight Vest

Heavy Sandbag 50% of your Body Weight

Barbell + Weight (amount depends on your 1 RM Deadlift)

Assorted Dumbbells 

Squat Rack and Bench (you can go from the ground it’s just way harder and not safe with heavy weight)

Cardio Equipment - Any of the following: Rower, Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical

Pool - You can sub in other training if your goal doesn’t involve swimming

Jump Rope 

Rings or TRX

Dip Bar 

Plyo Box or Step Up

PT Area

Rucking Trails 

Running Area - Track or App to measure distances.

Be ready to Adapt Improvise and Overcome



These workouts are intense! Overtraining will result is loss of performance and health issues. Always listen to your body, follow rest days, do not skip the recovery or rest days. If you are injured, let that part of your body recover. Pushing through the pain during this phase of your career is not wise. Always consult a proper channel with questions. Learn proper form from a coach or Physical Training. Scale as needed. Train SMART!


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