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60 Days of Clean and Healthy Eating


Welcome to SEAL Grinder PT's 60 Day Clean and Healthy Eating online eCourse and Challenge


 September 1st, 2017

$59.97  Special Pricing!


When it comes to planning meals and organizing a nutrition plan you can go two ways. First, you spend hours of your life searching through blogs, online articles, Facebook posts, trends and fad diets... Information is confusing and theories are a plenty...

Or the second option... What we all really want is a "spoon fed" daily plan that is easy to follow, maximizes efficiency of your time and of course GETS RESULTS!!

SEAL Grinder PT has teamed up with endurance athlete and nutrition expert Danielle Gordon in San Diego California. Danielle has coached top level nutrition events and seminars, completed countless endurance events is an avid fitness enthusiast and loves eating GOOD HEALTHY CLEAN food.

We are creating a small dedicated group of individuals or teams who want to join each other and support each other throughout this process.


About the Course: 

This limited enrollment course and challenge kicks off on August 1st. Coach Danielle and Coach Brad will join you in a private Facebook Group. We will provide you with Meal Plans and Shopping lists based on 3 main goals. Eating for Maximum Performance, Weight Loss and Clean and Healthy Eating. 

What’s Covered?

Macro Diets, Paleo Diets, Whole Food Clean Eating, How to Shop, How to Plan Efficiently, Meal Portions and Sizes depending on Goals.

1% Goal Planning:

You will devise a 1% improvement daily strategy to maximize results. We will give you the tools to make the changes you need to reach your goals!

Is My Goal Covered?

YES! We can start you in the right direction to help you customize your daily plan to achieve your goal! Including Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Optimum Performance,  Improved Endurance and Stamina and MORE!

So what do you get?

We will provide you access to: a private Facebook Group with Coach Support with guest coaches from around the world. A daily meal plan guide including 3 main meals and snacks. A recipe guide. And a weekly meal planning program that allows you to plan eat a variety of meals so you don't spend hours of your day cooking! Coach Danielle will join you online with live broadcasts throughout the course, you will also get daily support from Coach Brad.

We have 3 options: single participant, bring a friend and save. or bring 3 friends and you are free! Space is limited in this group. And like other eCourses we have run it in the past it will fill up. So go out and recruit a team and take on this challenge together. This is not a workout challenge is a clean and healthy living challenge. 



Early Enrollment: $59.97





Being held accountable on a daily basis is the best way to get results! We strongly suggest you reach out and grab 3 of your training friends and get them to join this with you. Surrounding yourself with like minded people is the best way to get positive results.