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SGPT LTS Workouts Only

SGPT LTS Workouts Only

$19.99 $39.99

Welcome to SGPT Training LTS “Lite Training System”

This is SGPT’s Entry Level Fitness Program

SGPT’s team of elite coaches are pleased to present our introductory training system designed for the entry level athlete. SGPT LTS

SGPT LTS is designed for the athlete just getting started as well as the experienced athlete who has taken some time off and is ready to get back on the horse.

For only $19.99

45 Days of pre-programmed training. 7 Days a week. Easy to read, easy to follow, minimal gear. No gym membership necessary! Get after it right out of your home, apartment, hotel room, dorm room.  

The Lite Training System incorporates all of the concepts from our more advanced programs but on a scaled an accelerated timeline. Your success curve in fitness is FAST in the early stages. You will see massive gains quickly. We balance out your week with 4 complete days of training, 2 active recovery days and 1 rest day. Spaced out in a manner that will easily fit your busy schedule. Plus we add training hacks that will allow you to turn your daily routine into a complete workout.

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