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UltraRunning - The Ultimate Guide - by Coach Jeff Grant

UltraRunning - The Ultimate Guide - by Coach Jeff Grant


It's GO Time!

Are you ready for the epic challenge of running an ultramarathon?

Coach Jeff Grant’s UltraRunning program is the product of 25 years of racing and coaching athletes to finish extreme ultra endurance events. It’s a guide for training, racing and perhaps even changing your life by proving to yourself that you can reach the finish line of a run longer than a marathon.

This is a ground-breaking program that combines the SEAL Grinder PT Navy SEAL mindset with decades of ultrarunning experience – all with a passion for guiding you to your ultramarathon finish, no matter what obstacles stand in your path.

Included in the program

Training Plan: 20-week training plan designed to take runners from a 1-hour run to the finish of a 50KM or 50 Mile Ultramarathon, along with guidance for expanding the program to finish even longer races.

Racing Handbook: a deep dive immersion on race selection, race plan creation, pre-and post-race rituals, race day motivation, logistics, crewing, support teams and post-race recovery. This includes stories and insights into the real world of ultramarathon running.

Education: how to train, how to avoid the common pitfalls in training and racing, how to prevent overuse injuries and burnout and how to win in your mind to overcome the adversity of training and racing over ultra distances.

Mind Training: a powerful collection of Mind Hacks and training tools to support you in ultramarathon training and racing, as well as motivation to push through adversity and get out to train even when you don’t feel like it.

Running Technique: lessons of efficient running technique, as well as a supporting set of drills.



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