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The Navy SEAL's Ultimate Mindset Training System - Early Enrollment

The Navy SEAL's Ultimate Mindset Training System - Early Enrollment

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Welcome to The Navy SEAL's Ultimate Mindset Training System 


Challenge kick off is July 11th, 2021!


45 Days of Mental Toughness, Breathing, Nutrition and Strength Training. 

Train your mind, your body with our most advanced Mental Training System to Date!

Each Day you will get: 


  • 1 Breathing and Mindset Focus Drill
  • 1 Mental Toughness Training Micro Goal Challenge
  • 1 Nutrition Challenge
  • 1 Strength and Conditioning Workout
  • 1 Situational Awareness Sheepdog Training Tip


We are taking teachings from Wim Hof, Jocko Willink, David Goggins, BUD/s, SERE School and MORE! 

This is a continuation of our Best Selling Navy SEAL Mental Training System! 

Step Up and Become a True ASSET! 


Gear Needed: Pull Up Station, Dip Station (scaling option), Step Up Box, Sandbag or Barbell with Plates, Ruck Pack, An OPEN Mind, Place to Ruck and PT Area. 

Workout Time: Expect to spend 30 - 60 minutes a day training. Each day will have sections that can be broken up and spread out so you can manage your day easily.

Never Quit Mindset: This won't be easy but this will be worth it.


How the Course is Delivered: 

Each Day we will email you your next days training guide. You will complete the work on your own. We will provide a Facebook Group for Accountability and goal setting. 

We will have challenge tasks: Weight Loss, Pull Ups Challenge, Ruck Challenge, Mindset Challenge and MORE!

Commit to being the best version of yourself this summer! No Excuses!!!