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SGPT Fall Shooting and Situational Awareness Event Nov. 2nd - 3rd

SGPT Fall Shooting and Situational Awareness Event Nov. 2nd - 3rd

$1,249.99 $2,000.00

Welcome to SGPT's Fall Shooting and Situational Awareness Event.

Where: Perry, Florida at our Tier 1 Training Center

When: November 2nd and 3rd , 2018. Event starts 1 PM on Friday, November 2nd and ends by 5 PM on Saturday, November 3rd. 

What: Shooting and Situational Awareness Experience

Shooting: We will cover Shooting with pistols and AR's. Levels of Training Beginner to Advanced. Including Night Vision Experience with LED's. Advanced students will work with Shoot N Move LLC on moving on range and multiple target scenarios. 

Situational Awareness: Using SGPT's Tier 1 Training Center we will create realistic scenarios and put your skills to the test.

Active Shooter, Home Invasion, Robbery, Carjacking and MORE!

This is the ideal training event for anyone with a CCW or actively carries.

Also an ideal course for people working in gun free zones who need reaction drills and real world scenario training. 

This is a 2 day intensive event you will get over 24 hours of contact with coaching staff. 

Expect to takeaway: Proper range training techniques. Pistol and Rifle Skills. Situational Awareness and Mindset Training. 

We cover: Meals, Lodging on Friday Night, Ammo and Weapons. 


Early Enrollment pricing on NOW! Only 4 spaces available at this price. 

While you will be working on your feet and going through intensive evolutions, this is NOT a SOF Selection Training Camp. You will not be exposed to Drill Sargent style evolutions. This is a camp for people who are looking to improve and be 1% better. All levels of physical ability are welcome.

You must be 18 years or older to attend. We will consider participants 16 - 17 if their parent or guardian attends alongside them. 

We will offer a Early AM O Course and PT Session for those looking to improve their physical fitness. This is a voluntary evolution.