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Mission Training Series - MTS - Pre Order

Mission Training Series - MTS - Pre Order

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Welcome to the newest challenge from SGPT Online! Pre Order Today!

The Mission Training Series! 30 Mission Style Challenges.

Dropping March 1st, 2021!


What's a Mission Challenge? We create unique challenges that simulate an actual real world special forces missions. Using visualization and real world scenarios that will put your training to the TEST!

Navy SEALs train for a reason. They have a purpose. To execute flawless missions in the most hostile places on earth. Hostage Rescue. Humanitarian Aid. Key Target Elimination. Recon. Seek and Destroy and More. 



We want you to embrace the SUCK while completing a series of tasks that simulate actual Navy SEAL or Special Forces Missions! Will you make to the Exfil Zone in time? 

This training books contains 30 unique Mission Workouts. Ranging from 3 - 24 hours to complete. Each Mission builds on the past and and the intensity grows! Utilize tools you have at your disposal as well as the environment. 

Your imagination is the limit! 



This can be completed indoors or outside (we suggest getting outside). You can use minimal gear (sandbag, pull up bar, step up and ruck) Or go full send and utilize kayaks, vehicles, bikes, mountains, lakes, rivers, rope climbs, build an obstacle course. There is no limit! 

Got a training group and looking to spice up the Saturday Morning routine? This is a perfect chance to grab your platoon and get to work! 

We will create a private Facebook group where you can share your mission status. Brief the team with an AAR. SGPT will award prizes for creative and unique missions. 

Complete all 30 missions in 2021 and you could win the grand prize pack with over $500.00 in training gear. Pull Up Bar. Ruck. Sandbag. And GPS Navigation. Winner will be announced December 2021!

Are you ready for the most intense virtual training challenge ever created? Will you reach the Exfil? Rescue the downed pilot? Recover the lost confidential data file? 

It's GO TIME!!