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Freak Frogman Handbook

Freak Frogman Handbook

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The ultimate DIY guide to conquering any challenge and being an asset to your team!


This is the handbook I wish I would have had when I was 19 and starting my journey to become a Navy SEAL. This book would have been worth hundreds of dollars to me and I would have printed it out, took notes, and logged each workout. You should do the same. This handbook is meant to be interactive. You can put this on your phone, laptop, or tablet and take it with you to the gym. These practices can be applied to all areas of your life. They are simple, effective and powerful. 1% Better Every Day!


"I trained for 1 whole year on that ship. In a dark room, no windows, some rusty dumbbells and the constant smell of paint and diesel fumes." Brad McLeod


3 Phases of Training: Body, Mind and Goal Setting.


What is your reason...  what is your “Why”?


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