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Controlling the Chaos - 45 Day Mental and Physical Challenge

Controlling the Chaos - 45 Day Mental and Physical Challenge


SGPT's newest Digital Training Program! 

Controlling the Chaos! 

This 45 Day DIY could not come at a better time!  Pandemic, civil unrest, economic uncertainty and disrupted routines and schedules! 

A Navy SEAL must not only survive but thrive in chaos. A War Zone. This 45 Day Course will take you through the training a Navy SEAL uses to take control in the most uncontrollable environments imaginable. 

It's time to be Prepared for the Known, Unknown and Unknowable... 

It's time to Control the Chaos!

Each day we will email you a new mental and physical challenge. Each challenge will train you to overcome the Chaos and take control. I will guide you through mental challenges with 10 video lectures, you will get a daily workout that focuses on Strength, Endurance and Mental Toughness. Our team will provide you with hacks on eating clean and staying healthy boosting your immune system. 

Are you ready? We will be using tactics employed by Tier 1 Operators, Contractors, CIA and MORE. 

Here's the Dirt Dive: 

We will focus on these following key points:


  1. Information Diet
  2. Daily Routine
  3. Discipline not Motivation
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Health and Wellness 
  6. Stay positive 
  7. Personal time. Walk in nature. 
  8. Nutrition. Clean
  9. De-clutter physical space. Mental space 
  10. Find your best self. Role model. Show up time after time

What you get! 

45 Days of Pre Programmed Training. Including Weekly Challenges. Mindset Training, Goal Setting Strategies and MORE!