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BMill - 600 Claw is LAW Edition On Sale NOW!

BMill - 600 Claw is LAW Edition On Sale NOW!

$39.97 $99.99

Welcome to a NEW ERA in Health and Wellness.


Hi I'm Brian Miller, I live in Encinitas, California. Well, technically it's Cardiff By the Sea. But who's counting? (I am actually, I'm a top accountant or something...) 

I've been doing CrossFit for over 10 years. I've trained with at least 30 Navy SEALs or more. Again, who's counting? 


In this time, I've developed a wicked set of abs and had the same haircut. Truly amazing. 

So here's the deal, because i'm so fit and ripped, many people has asked me: Miller? What's your secret. 


Now for only $39.97 you can actually get the secret to my shredded body.

It's never easy, but as I say, it will be worth it!



Results may very, we do not think this plan is healthy. All proceeds go to Casa Bandini Bar Tab. Some restrictions may apply.