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A Navy SEALs Guide to Improving 1% Every Day

A Navy SEALs Guide to Improving 1% Every Day

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Welcome to SGPT's online eCourse: A Navy SEALs Guide to Improving 1% Every Day

Class begins July 8th!

Join SGPT, Coach Brad McLeod and Others on this 10 Week Journey to improving your life by 1% each day! 70 Days of Mental and Physical Training. 

Over the course of 10 Weeks we will dive into 10 Simple but effective ways you can improve your life by 1% every day with our 10 Foundational Rules.
10 Foundational Rules to Improving 1% Daily
  1. Honor
  2. Integrity
  3. The Fundamentals 
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Positive Mindset
  6. Mental Training, Physical Training, Nutrition and Mobility
  7. Discipline 
  8. Goal Setting
  9. Mental Rehearsal
  10. Be Someone Special
Each week we will drill down each of these Rules. You will get a weekly mental and physical challenge along with 4 Micro Goals designed to improve each one of the Foundational Rules in your life by 1% each day. 
You have 2 options for this eCourse: Option 1 is join our private Facebook group. 2 is tackle this on your own. You can pick or do both!
Each week a new email will be sent out or post will be put up on the page. You and have 7 days to complete a: Physical Challenge, Mental Challenge and 4 Life Changing Micro Goals. You can report to the group or back to us in private. It’s up to you. 
July 8th we kick off with orientation. You will get an invite to the private facebook group and an introductory email welcoming you to the course. Please use an active email to sign up for this eCourse. Refunds can not be granted after we start the eCourse. If you do not have Facebook you can still complete these on your own via email. HOOYAH!