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45 Day BUD/S Challenge! With Hell Week Simulation

45 Day BUD/S Challenge! With Hell Week Simulation

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We have a new challenge for you! This is not a workout program. It's much much more than that!

We want to give you a taste of BUD/s!  Each day is a new CHALLENGE! You will be put to the test with intense BUD/s Level Evolutions including: Log PT, Boat PT, Grinder PT, Rucking, Running and even Surf Torture!! HOOYAH! 


Are you ready? 


Each Day you will face a new challenging workout directly from the Beaches and Grinder of BUD/s in Coronado California. 

Finish off with a 6 Day HELL WEEK Challenge!!! 


Anyone can do this. Take on each challenge as prescribed OR scale as needed. Get it done!

Minimal Equipment is needed: Sand Bag, Ruck with Weight, Pull Up Bar, Grinder Area and a Never Quit Mindset! 

Who will make it the whole 45 DAYS? Who will QUIT!