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2023 SGPT 60 Day Challenge

2023 SGPT 60 Day Challenge

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It's a new YEAR!!! HOOYAH! 2023 is coming in HOT.

Let's set the tone and make a statement with a 60 Day Challenge! 

Starting January 8th 2023. 

I'm challenging you to:

Crush 60 Days of Workouts.

Optimal Gear Needed: Pull Up Bar, Step Up Box, Sandbag or Ruck, PT Area and a Never Quit Mindset. You can modify every workout to Body Weight Only or Sub in Heavier Weights as you desire. 

Improve 1% Each Day.

Commit to a Meal Plan that matches your GOALS!

Focus on mindset, mental toughness and wellness.

Push yourself further than you ever thought possible!

Commit NOW.

We kick off January 8th 2023!!