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Date: October 2018

Location: Trenton Georgia

Status: Mission Critical 

Objective: Survive 

Duration: 48 Hours

SEAL Grinder PT and Awakening Events Present the chance of a lifetime. An endurance event like none other. One that will challenge you in ways you only imagined. Put you in a simulation sequence that will transport your mind and body into life and death scenarios... Will you survive? 

Over the course of 48 hours you and a team will navigate your way through a series of challenges in an outdoor arena spanning over 500 Acres. You will need to rely on the skills of each and every teammate to conquer the challenge and meet the time hacks. Success = Reward and Failure = Punishment... You choose....

Are you ready?

How do I Sign UP? 

Due to the nature of this training this is a qualification only event. But don't worry you have over 1 year from reading this to prepare and qualify. 

Qualification: New Endurance Athletes you must complete the Awakening Training Process.

This includes a Regional 4 Hour Indoc Event and perform at a level to earn an auto-qualification or successfully complete Awakenings  Qualification 8 Hour Event. Advantages in the Mission are earned upon completion. 

Advantages and Rewards: A participant may earn advantages that will add significant value when used during the 48Hour event by participating in our Reward Series of Events and online training courses. Including: Prep Academy, SWAT Concepts, FreakFrog and Spartan7. Upon graduation of your event an advantage will be rewarded to you based on your skill set. Past graduates of these events may apply for the advantage.  

Note that in 2018 we will accept recent graduates of similar endurance events that are at least 8 Hours long from accredited organizations such as GoRuck, Spartan, Tough Mudder.

How Do I Train?

Check out SGPT's 180 Day Training Program.

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