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 Awakening 8 Hour Endurance 

Welcome to SEAL Grinder PT's The Awakening. An 8 Hour Qualification Challenge. This is the next level of endurance training and events. 

You are asleep. You are unaware of what you can accomplish. You have never been pushed to your utmost limit... It's impossible to awaken this level of training on your own... You will need to dig deep...



Most people prefer a simple life. A routine. Cookie cutter and predictable. That is not you... You know you were destined for something better. You know you can be better. You want to WAKE UP!  With our  8 hours of hands on guided intense physical and mental coaching, you will slowly evolve and your eyes will open to a new world. A world of endless possibilities where any challenge can easily be overcome. 



East Coast

Trenton Georgia


August 11th  

November 18th

May 2018

West Coast: 

San Diego California


May 2018

Gear List: 

1 Pair Military Style Pants Woodland Camo

1 Pair Boots (Combat or Hiking 6")

2 Pairs Athletic Performance Socks 

1 Pair Trail Running Shoes

1 Pair Athletic Shorts

1 Cold Weather Fleece (water resistant) 

1 Ruck Sack with Hydration Bladder

1 Dry Change of Clothes 

1 Garbage Bag

SEAL Grinder PT Suggests either our 90 Day or 180 Training Program As Pre Event Prep. 

Registration Options:

East Coast:

August 11, 2017

November 18th, 2017

May 2018 TBD

West Coast:

May 2018


Q: What is the Awakening 8 Hour Experience?

A: It is an 8 Hour High Intensity Training Experience that incorporates special forces selection style mental and physical challenges along with civilian endurance training methods. 

Q: What fitness level do i need to be at to attend:

A: You should be able to run 1.5 Miles in 12 Min. 20 Push Ups. 2 Pull Ups. 50 Air Squats. Run 3 Miles in 25 Min. Ruck 5 Miles at a 4 MPH Pace with 20- 30#. 

Q: Is my purchase refundable?

A: Yes you can not refund with 45 days notice. You can change your event date with at least 10 days notice. 15% Fee Applies. 

Q: How do I train?

A: We have 90 and 180 Day Training Programs that are programed for this experience. If followed you will do well at this event. 

Q: Can Be Forced out or Quit?

A: This event is not designed to push you out. There are not tests to pass. Reasons for not completing are self selection to leave or our medical staff rules it unsafe for you and others to participate.

For Other Question: Email